Tech Entrepreneur & Investor in game changing ideas

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Author of the Facebook Bible &
Twitter Marketing Guide
Co- Founder AdVantage Media

My job means:

  • No vacation
  • No free weekend
I keep working harder than ever because reaching my goal is worth 10 times the sacrifices I’ve made.

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I run a network of 10 million people on Facebook (on a large number of fan page), I have created many pages and viral campaigns and events.

November 2012

I’m the founder of Facebook’s biggest group in Europe (1,5 million users) and also the creator of the most commented post in Facebook’s history (4 million comments) where the post got such amount of comments in less than 60 days. That post will remain as the most engaged item ever posted in any social media channel.

Guinness World Record with the Most Commented item in the Facebook History and the World Wide Web.

February 2013

I’m You&Web’s co-founder: You&Web is one of the best Web-Social Media Agency in Italy. Headquarters are in Roma and L'viv.

You&Web has served such clients:

  • some of the most important italian politicians like Antonio Tajani (actual president of the European Parlament)
  • top rated fashion blogger like Chiara Biasi
  • Major italian televisions: RAI e Mediaset
  • Università La Sapienza Roma
I left the operation in the company in March 2015

August 2013

In partnership with an important Publisher paper italian(NDA signed) I released ItalianTimes. It immediately became one of the 5 most visited online newspapers in Italy: 21,539,174 Pageviews (Google Analytics) in one month and 120 most site visits in Italy for Alexa (an Amazon Company).

December 2013

I’m the author of Twitter Marketing Guide, that was at the top ten of Amazon’s Internet sections for some period of time. In 2013 Twitter Marketing Guide was the most downloaded guide about Twitter Marketing in Italy.

Twitter Marketing Guide

April 2014

I’m the author of Facebook Bible, for some months at the top ten of Amazon’s Internet section. In 2014 Facebook Bible is the most downloaded guide about Facebook Marketing in Italy. In that guide I recounted how I made the Guinness World Record.

The Facebook Bible helped out dozen thousand of business owners and individuals to grow their business with Facebook.

The Facebook Bible

July 2016

With the aim of radically change the mobile advertising industry I established AdVantage Media.

MAY 2017

Establish to create the first OS for the Web 3.0